Sioux City Children’s Museum Expected to Open Later this Year

Posted on April 14, 2015

Ten years ago, Brandy TenHulzen and three other mothers imagined a place where infants, toddlers, and children could gather and learn in a hands on environment.

After visiting a children’s museum in Coralville, IA where her daughters could push, pull, build, climb, and create in an environment where every display was meant to be touched, TenHulzen decided to conceptualize the idea of a children’s museum in Sioux City.

The grand opening is anticipated to take place later this year after a groundbreaking this past October at 623 Pearl Street, headed by W.A. Klinger.

Exhibits in the museum will encourage interactive experiences for children ages 6 months to 10 years. Kids can learn about comprehensive agriculture, commerce, and use a trade exhibit where children can track the movement of food from a farm to the kitchen table.

Fundraising efforts for this project have ranged from hockey ticket sales, Lemonade Days, to children sending in handwritten notes with cash enclosed.
The next step for the Children’s Museum calls for hiring staff, building a network of volunteers and partnering with other organizations to collaborate on programming and workshops.

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