Working with Consumers Supply Distributing Over the Years

Posted on April 20, 2015

At WA Klinger, we get no greater pleasure than working on projects for repeat customers and seeing how their companies have grown since our first project with them.

Consumers Supply Distributing is one of these clients.

Consumers Supply—a wholesale distributor of agriculture and animal nutritional products with deep Siouxland roots—is building a 30,000-square foot plant. Half of the new space is designated for the production of bagged pelleted or texturized feeds, and the other half is designated for the production of vitamin premixes.

Vice President Dan Patee said, “This new expansion is in line with our strategic plan to increase our manufacturing of goods that can flow through our distribution business and out to our customers across the United States and Canada.”

WA Klinger began working with Consumers Supply in 2001 with the development of an 87,500-square foot warehouse. In 2013, we partnered again to construct a feed plant build out. In 2014, Klinger headed up the emergency reconstruction of two Consumers Supply office facilities after they had undergone extensive storm damage.

Learn more about the current Consumers Supply construction project.