At W.A. Klinger, safety is a top priority. Together, our owners, management, and employees have established a program to improve all areas of job safety. Some of the many actions we have taken to ensure a safe work environment include:

  • Utilizing a safety committee.
  • Setting specific safety goals, policies, and responsibilities.
  • Providing continual, extensive safety education and training.
  • Giving employees safety related incentives and awards.
  • Implementing all safety programs required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • We continuously monitor and upgrade our program to ensure our employees are committed to safety.  This commitment has resulted in a steadily declining trend in our experience modification rate and our loss day case incidence rate.

Director of Safety
We have also employed a full-time director of safety to coordinate our safety program. The director of safety works with the superintendent of field operations, project managers, superintendents, foremen, employees, and the safety committee to implement safety policies and monitor our safety goals.

Our insurance carrier provides additional safety services including job-site inspections, training, and analysis.

Education and Training
Education and training provide key elements to W.A. Klinger's successful safety program. Our supervisors receive continuing education in OSHA and job site safety programs through in-house training and outside seminars.

Superintendents and foremen train employees on job safety daily and also hold weekly safety meetings.

Excellent EMR (Experience Modification Rate)
Experience rating is a systematic method of modifying future or prospective workers compensation premiums by comparing the actual incurred loss experience to the normal expected loss experience during a consecutive three-year period.

Due to W.A. Klinger’s oustanding safety program, our current Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate is 0.86 compared to the national average of 1.0.