Marketplace Shopping Center

Sioux City, Iowa

As part of a large redevelopment effort, W.A. Klinger converted  the enclosed portion of Marketplace Shopping Center in Sioux City, Iowa to an open-air, pedestrian-style shopping center with exterior store fronts. The mall's new look features attractive, street-facing store fronts  made of a variety of building materials, including brick, cultured stone and cast stone. Each storeís unique front allows each business its own special identity instead of presenting the appearance of other, more common blanket strip malls.

Phase I of construction saw the temporary relocation of the enclosed shops so business could be carried on as usual during construction. Next, a large portion of the mall was torn down and rebuilt with the new interiors and exterior facing. Phase 2 of construction entailed demolishing the rest of the enclosed mall not torn down in Phase 1, and completing construction of the remaining retail spaces.

Klinger also built  access roads and relocated drive areas to facilitate construction and customer traffic.